1997 Ford Ranger Coolant in oil.

1997 Ford Ranger Coolant in oil.

1997 Ford Ranger Coolant in oil is an indication of a failed head gasket or a cracked cylinder head.

1997 Ford Ranger coolant mixed with oil 2.3 4 cylinder. The engine was over heated and the head gasket failed causing the coolant to enter into the oil passages. The cylinder head is of cast iron so it not warp, if this was a aluminum head it would have warped or cracked.
Further diagnostics revealed that the water pump had gone bad and the coolant was not circulating. The coolant is circulated by the water pump which then flows through the thermostat. The coolant then flows through the radiator top hose to the radiator and then back into the engine through the bottom hose. The coolant flows through the radiator and is cooled by the radiator fan.
We then replaced the timing belt along with the water pump and thermostat.

97 Ford ranger

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