2003 Saturn L200 2.2 Liter fuel smell and leak

Customer complained of a fuel smell when driven for long trips. We first inspected for fuel leaks from injectors, fuel lines, fuel filter and found no leaks. We could smell gasoline near the tank. We lowered fuel tank which involves lowering of the exhaust system. We then noticed a little fuel on the top surface of the tank. We then sealed all the lines on the tank and filled the gas tank with smoke from a smoke machine which did not reveal any leaks. The next thing we did was to inject a burst of shop air into the tank through the return line elbow on the fuel pump and sprayed soap water. The return line 90 degree elbow when moved from top to bottom revealed the hair line crack at the bottom of the elbow. The entire job including removing the tank and smoke testing and pressure testing took 3 hours. The fuel pump costs $325- and does not come with a sending unit.

Broke at elbow

Location of crack

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