Auto Repair Orlando Fl

Auto Repair Orlando Fl.

Auto repair in Orlando Florida preventive maintenance services or general auto repairs. At Advance Auto Repair’s a general auto repair shop in Orlando, Florida, you can find professional service for complete car repairs and maintenance. Advance auto repair’s will be able to perform basic repairs as well as auto air condition service, engine repair, transmission service. Advance auto repairs is a technician owned repair facility.A complete Orlando auto repair shop expert service provider for repairs and maintenance services.

Maintenance Services

When you need maintenance on your car like an oil and oil filter change, you can count on Advance auto repair’s shop in Orlando, Florida to meet your needs. You can also expect to get a tire rotation and to have your tires balanced at the same time. If any filters are needed other than an oil filter, mechanics will double check for you. Your car’s transmission can be serviced as well if it is in need of repairs.

Be Sure You Can Give Everyone a Brake

Your braking system is a very integral part of your car as you probably already know. You can expect professional service at a very reasonable price in Orlando.Advance auto repair’s will perform a brake inspection to make sure your brakes are in tip top shape. When making sure your regular brakes are working well, we can check your emergency brake, brake caliper, brake hoses,master cylinder etc.

Keep Your Engine Running Well

If your check engine light has lit up, it is probably time to bring your car in to the shop advance auto repair’s offers complete car repairs. Professionals will be able to hook your car up to a computer to see the root cause of the problem that is turning your check engine light on.

You can also get your battery replaced, your spark plugs renewed, and your timing belt and fuel system checked or replaced. If need be, work can be done on your alternator as well.

Cool Off

You want to keep cool in the warmer months, and if your air conditioning has been something to be desired, you can get that checked out at the same time. Your thermostat and the water circulating pump, thermostat and radiator can also be inspected and serviced if needed.

Exhaust Care

Your exhaust system is essential to keep the noise low and also lower harmful emissions. You can have your catalytic converter and your exhaust pipes checked and repaired if needed. Mufflers can also be repaired or replaced.

Suspension components such as shocks struts springs etc need periodic inspection and repairs.

If you have been bobbing up and down like you’re riding on a horse, it is probably time to get your suspension checked on your car. You can have your CV boots replaced, your struts and shocks inspected or replaced and get your car’s alignment done.

There are many services that our Orlando auto repair shop offers from oil change to engine repair and anything in between. Be sure to keep up with the maintenance your car needs to run smoothly! Call Mel at 407-203-8838 today for a free inspection and quote.

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