Basic automobile engines test procedures

How does an internal combustion engine create the power to drive the vehicle? This is the must read page that explains each cycle on the four stroke engine.

This video shows a well done 3D rotating animation of an engine being assembled and then started. This car engine video is awesome!

Here is a crazy Idea! Build the same working plastic motor that I did when I was 8 years old. Learn or teach with this model car engine.

A noisy engine may be the first indication to drivers that a major problem is heading their way. This next page discusses valve lifter noise, rod knocks and a few other sounds that will require engine noise diagnosis.

Did you ever hear a mechanic say that someone needed a valve job? Two common reasons that this operation might be necessary. Also included are symptoms and solutions for problems with engine valves.

If your red oil warning light comes on and you discover a low fluid condition you have to find out where the stuff is going. This next article covers abnormal consumption and other engine oil problems.

A compression test can provide a lot of good information about the overall condition of your engine. Learn how to do it by the book and interpret the data when performing an engine compression test.

Okay lets say the above compression test provided some low numbers on a few cylinders. A leak down test may directly point to the problem. This is how you perform a cylinder leakage test.

When your engine is running rough a power balance test can isolate the cylinder with the problem. I will discuss how to interpret the results and also how to perform the cylinder balance test.

Speaking of rough running engines and balance, A fuel injector balance test can pin point injector issues. Learn about testing fuel injectors.

The vacuum test is the fastest and easiest way to start analyzing a performance problem or rough running condition. The tester is also dirt cheap. Learn what the gauge readings mean and how to perform engine vacuum tests.

See a practical example of the above engine diagnostic procedures used to solve a rough engine idle.

Oil pressure can provide indications of the internal condition of a motor and how worn the bearings are. Find the most common causes of low readings and the procedure for engine oil pressure testing.

After performing some of the engine tests above you may have some questions on how to use the results to identify problems. This next page provides an overview on engine diagnosis.

You can’t complete a conversation about auto propulsion and not talk about the one that has been around 100 years. Learn about modern diesel engines.

See the motor in the Mazda RX line of cars. This power plant runs on regular fuel and has 4 cycles. Everything else is different. Learn about the internal workings of rotary engines.

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