Car ac repair

Car ac repair.

6 Most Common Car Air Conditioner Problems And Their Solutions.

Some of the most common problems car owners experience with their air conditioners include soiled condenser, low refrigeration level, evaporator leak, overheating, weak airflow, sudden change of temperature from cold to hot, and mechanical complications of the air conditioner – especially problems with accumulator and pressure switches.

1 Soiled condenser is one of the most common car problems.

The condenser cools the high-pressure refrigerant vapors from the AC compressor. Air flow can be constricted by debris, dirt, or grime. In this case, there would be no cooling effect. You can solve this problem by cleaning it with flushing agent. The flushing agent without residue is especially good for this purpose.

2 Another common car problem is the low refrigeration level.

AC Compressor uses up about 15% of the refrigerant each year. This problem is especially frequent during winter when the air conditioning system is not in use. You can solve this problem by fixing leakage or refilling the gas tanks for air conditioning system.

3 Evaporative leak is another common car problem.

Though it does not happen as often as other problems described above, it can be a serious nuisance. This problem is caused by fuel volatility. It can be caused by a rise in car’s gas tank pressure which can be a result of an increased outside temperature. In order to avoid deformation of gas tank, the gas tank pressure must be regularly vented.

4 Weak airflow is yet another problem affecting cars’ electrical air conditioners .

It is often caused by mildew or mold in the evaporator core. This mildew or mold makes it hard for air to reach your car’s air vents. Another possible cause of weak airflow is the loose blower hose. Yet another possible cause of weak airflow is fried ventilation fan.

5 Sometimes air conditioner stops blowing cold air and starts blowing hot air.
One possible cause of this is the clogged expansion valve. If it is blocked, the refrigerant cannot access the evaporator and can completely freeze the whole valve. Other causes of sudden temperature change are the faulty compressor clutch and the blown fuse. If the cause is the faulty compressor clutch, then the compressor would not be able to maintain the right pressure. If the cause is the blown fuse, then the power to some of the car’s electrical parts will stop.

6 Mechanical complications of car’s air conditioner are also common. Some of them include defunct pressure switches, malfunctions of compressors, and defective compressor clutches. Non-working expansion valve can also be an issue. These mechanical complications can lead to serious interruptions of car’s air conditioning system. In order to avoid them, you should regularly replace the receiver drier and the accumulator, as well as the expansion valve.

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