Car air conditioning service

Car air conditioning service.
Driving a car without proper air conditioning can prove to be an ordeal. Particularly, in this summer months. If you truly want to enjoy your ride, you should consider getting a car air conditioning service on a regularly basis. The car air conditioning service should be thorough and a proper check and maintenance of the following parts must be conducted.

This is the central most integral part of any car air condition system. To have your car air conditioning functioning properly, you must always have this part in order. The compressor is powered by the engine belt. It works by pressurizing the refrigerant so that it creates cool air. It senses and regulates the air based on how you instruct the electrical clutch to.

So, how do you identify problems in this part? Freon leaks, noise and failed operation are some of the indicators. An air conditioning service provider will also help identify issues with the compressor using a sniffer to detect Freon or oil leaks.

The condenser is located right next to your radiator and works just like the radiator. At this point, the refrigerant is compressed and condensed from gas into liquid, whilst getting cooled. Possible indicators of problematic condensers include leaks and malfunction in the A/C system.

This is the last stage in air conditioning. The refrigerant in liquid form stops here and is changed into cool that is released to cool you and other car parts. This part is located right on your dashboard.

Receiver Dryer
Depending on the type of machine you are driving, this part is referred either as a receiver dryer or accumulator. The dryer contains a desiccant that absorbs any liquid threatening to sip back into the system. This part serves to protect your air conditioning system.

Expansion valve
The expansion valve is also known as the orifice tube. Located between the evaporator and the condenser, the orifice tube, is in charge of monitoring and regulating the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator. That is, depending on the temperature of the A/C system.

The blower is a vital part of any car air condition. It is the blowers that fans off warm air and brings in the much needed cool air. In short, it sucks up the warm air from your machine. Additionally, it helps spread out the cool air faster and evenly.

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