Car Care in the Sunshine State

In the peninsula, Florida, to be exact there are many challenging car care concerns not faced up north. Temps in the south can reach 100 degrees plus and our colds reach freezing or below. Yet we have different concerns from our friends in the northern states such as hot asphalt versus tire pressure, coolant temperatures in our cooling systems and air conditioner maintenance, which would not be as much as a focus up north. In the south in the summer a driver can loose up to 10lbs of air pressure in their tires during a commute of 45 miles. On the contrary, one in the same environment can lose 20lbs of air pressure in each tire during a very cold morning.

This is why drivers in southern climates require advanced maintenance on their vehicles. Cooling Systems In the south, we as drivers are faced with extreme climates from year to year. We may wake up to a 25 degree morning in December and drive home in summer temps in the afternoon. For this reason, our heating and cooling systems must be in check. Heater Cores are a common fail part within most of today’s vehicles along with ac clutches and condenser cores. Have these parts checked prior to extreme seasons like spring and fall and have peace of mind while you drive. Charging systems Batteries in our vehicles face the most extreme challenges.

Advanced sound systems along with GPS and Navigational on-screen displays call for the most from our starting and charging systems. In layman’s terms, our battery helps with ignition, our starter begins the ignition process, and our alternator keeps all of these systems working properly along with keeping our GPS and On-Screen displays functioning properly outside of our battery, so that our vehicle may start again. Make sure to have these systems tested with a simple test. Without these test, the next time you turn the key there may not be a response from your vehicle.

Tire Balance, Pressure and Alignment Tires are something far from the front of our thoughts. Yet, new tires can cost up to 300.00 US Dollars each per need. Again, in layman’s terms, that 300 dollars times 4. New tires can cost the daily driver up to $1200.00 dollars. How can i prolong my tire life? Most installers offer a warranty, contingent upon having certain checks and balances along the way. For example…our new tires required a rotation at 25,000 miles, a balance at 50,000 miles and more. Most of these services are free with a reputable tire and a reputable installer, so the cheapest tire you can find may not be the best option for your 2010 vehicle.

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