Clutch Repair in Orlando, Florida USA

Clutch Repair in Orlando, Florida USA

Repairing a manual transmission is simple for experienced car mechanics, but clutch repairs can go horribly wrong when owners decide to take matters into their own hands. Manual transmission mechanisms use a clutch foot pedal and a gear selector in the form of a hand-operated stick shift to change gears. There are many different parts that could be causing problems with the transmission, which is why all stick shift automobile owners should trust the experts and search clutch repair Orlando Fl for the best repair team in the southern United States.

Possible Problems

The manual transmission is not a complicated piece of machinery, but one mistake can cost a lot of money in unnecessary repairs. There are a variety of issues that can take place within a standard transmission. If the car has limited acceleration capabilities, a funny smell and is emitting a scratching noise, the clutch disc may need to be replaced. The clutch disc is an inexpensive part, but is invaluable to the engine’s function. This issue may also involve the throw out bearing, which is the part that briefly disengages the engine from the manual transmission during shifting.

There are also several scenarios where the master cylinder or the slave cylinder may be faulty and negatively impacting the engine. If the clutch arm does not move when the car’s clutch pedal is pushed down, the master cylinder is likely at fault. An adjustment could resolve the problem, but more commonly the slave cylinder will have to be replaced at a small cost.

Further Concerns with the Transmission

The friction disc on an old manual transmission is likely very brittle and could be failing in its main task. Similarly, the pilot bearing, which connects the manual transmission input shaft to the engine crankshaft, should be replaced whenever the full clutch assembly is replaced. Interestingly, the pilot bearing is actually not a bearing at all — most of the time, it is merely a bronze bushing.

Whether it is a friction disc replacement that you need or simply a new throw out bearing, the automobile repair scene in Florida is full of excellent companies who employ technicians that are well-qualified, communicative and most importantly knowledgeable about all things manual transmissions. Search clutch repair Orlando FL for the best rates, sharpest workers and most effective fixes to allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible!


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