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The clutch system function is to transmit the engine’s rotating torque to the manual transmission. A vehicle will not go anywhere without it even if the engine is running. It is made up of the flywheel, pilot bushing, bearing, pressure plate, and a clutch disk. This system goes through a lot of stress throughout the car’s operation and will wear out over time. A complete diagnosis of the clutch system is required before considering any clutch repair or clutch disc replacement.

How to Identify a Worn Clutch

The clutch system is made up of various components, which control its actual operation. A worn clutch is typically characterized by a clutch slipping. This happens when the driver applies power and the speed of the engine will increase greatly when accelerated without pressing the clutch pedal. Under a normal driving condition, a clutch that is in good condition will lock the engine to the transmission, keeping it directly linked to the car’s speed. If difficulty in placing the car in gear, or if the car seems to have no power but the engine speed increases, or if there is a grinding noise when placing the vehicle in gear, is experienced while driving the vehicle, it may need a clutch disc replacement.

Clutch flywheel pressure plate

Moreover, make sure that the clutch itself is faulty before doing any repair. Often, clutch problems are caused by faulty parts of its system. If the clutch system is hydraulically-operated, remove air from the system by draining the hydraulic circuit. Also, when the clutch cylinders start leaking, it causes the clutch mechanism to fail from operating properly. This can also cause the clutch to disengage, making the gears difficult to maneuver. On the other hand, if the system is cable operated, check for a jammed or seized cable, which may prevent the clutch from taking any torque from the engine. A simple clutch cable repair, clutch slave cylinder repair, or clutch master cylinder repair may only be needed to fix the issue.

Scored flywheel

Benefits of Getting Clutch Repair

Getting a clutch cable repair, clutch slave cylinder repair, or clutch master cylinder repair at an early stage of the problem is easier to do and less costly. As soon as the symptoms of a clutch problem are detected, it is wise to address it immediately. This can definitely help save time, money and premature wear of the system. Clutch repair or clutch disc replacement is a very tedious and time consuming task. It requires removing of the transmission and flywheel to access the clutch itself. With that in mind, getting a professional help is highly encouraged, except for those who are experienced home mechanics.

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