Cooling system maintenance

Cooling system maintenance

A cars cooling system is one of the most important parts to keeping a car running at it’s peak. There are a number of parts that can at any given time fail and cause the entire system to fail. Things like hoses, the radiator, water pump, coolant fan, thermostat and the right amount of anti freeze are all important to keeping a cooling system running and working as it should. We will look at a couple of the basic things that you can do to keep your system running at its best.

Check all of the hoses on the car, there will be two of these that come from the radiator, an upper and a lower hose. Look at these and make sure that there is no visible signs of wear or tear, any cracks or areas that have split. These are all signs that the hose needs to be replaced to prevent a loss of anti freeze. Most of these hoses just are help on with a clamp that loosens and tightens with a screwdriver.

Doing a flush and fill on the system is often encouraged as to help extend the life of the various parts. Things like the water pump, thermostat, and radiator all are dependable when they have been maintained correctly. Doing a flush and fill is not complicated at all and many auto stores will sell the kits that you need along with all of the other accessories you might need as well.

The coolant fan and the belt that attaches to it to drive it are vital parts of the system and keeping an engine running hot. Today the cars run a lot hotter than they used to and as a result, you need a system that will be able to cool things off effectively in an reasonable amount of time. Look at the belt and make sure that they do not look worn, cracked or show signs of aging. This can lead to a belt breaking all of a sudden and things then getting real expensive for you. Replace the belt even if you think it will be okay just as a safety measure and ensure things continue to run as they should.

A little preventative care will be all the things you need to do to make sure that your vehicle runs as it should and that you are cool in the hot summer months when you might otherwise be misrible in a car that seems like a mobile oven. With all the many parts that are involved, it will only take one to fail to lead to a much bigger issue foe you while driving down the road and a repair bill that will secure no summer vacation for you and your family.


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