Cooling system maintenance .

Cooling system maintenance.

Cooling system maintenance is very critical part of preventive maintenance.

Cooling system parts consist of water pump, radiator, thermostat,coolant fan, hoses etc

Cooling system maintenance, why is it essential function and service of the components.

The result of ignoring the cooling system maintenance is rust and mud like substance in the system.Cooling system maintenance is an important part of preventive maintenance. The cooling system absorbs the heat from the engine and dissipates the heat by convection through the radiator. The cooling system consists of a water pump which circulates the coolant, the thermostat which regulates the flow of the coolant, the radiator which dispenses the heat to the ambient air by means of convection, the radiator fan which helps to cool the radiator, the reservoir to fill up the radiator with coolant. The coolant is also known as antifreeze which has chemicals to deter freeze up in extremely cold temperatures and corrosion resistant chemicals. The coolant looses it’s properties after a certain period of time and also gets contaminated with rust and scale formation which could turn into a muddy sludge. When the coolant turns into muddy sludge it will no longer be able to flow properly and absorb heat. which will eventually clog up the passages in the radiator, heater core and ruin the water pump.

Muddy coolant

Bad Radiator
Cooling system maintenance is critical for the efficient operation of the engine.The cooling system should be flushed and filled with new anti freeze and checked for proper operation of the thermostat, fan and water pump.Call city auto center in Orlando 32811,phone number 908-812-5978 for quality work at affordable prices.

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