Don’t Risk Your Life to a Crack in the Windshield

There are so many risks involved with driving with a crack in the windshield. Although the crack may start as a little star, and you as a driver ignore the crack…rest assured, it will get bigger. From the Highway Safety Administration, a crack that begins as a nick in the windshield may stay a nick provided the temperatures outside of the vehicle remain at 65 degrees. However, if the temperature exceeds 70 degrees outside the vehicle the temperature inside the vehicle may exceed 110 degrees.

Adversely, if the temperature outside the vehicle drop below 45 degrees, then temperatures inside the vehicle can exceed 32 Fahrenheit. As you the consumer the extreme changes in Florida temps can radically change internal and external temperatures on a windshield. What does this mean to me? Well, anytime glass is exposed to radical temperature changes along with a weakness..i.e. a crack or nick in the glass..then the adverse temperatures inside and outside of the vehicle can cause such a crack to expand widely.

Thus, said crack can obscure one’s vision and ultimately cause an accident due to obscured vision. In Florida, the temperatures can range from freezing in the morning to 80 plus Fahrenheit in the afternoon. Florida Insurance Requires a Fixed Windshield For most of us, having a Florida insurance carrier as part of our insurance will provide a free service to fix our glass. Although most of us pay comprehensive insurance along with our auto loan, those of us who have our vehicles paid for carry only collision. Our collision insurance may, or may not pay for our windshield crack. This may or may not be the difference in life or death.

For this reason, most of our auto glass suppliers will fix our windshield either on our property, or on their property without a charge; provided we have an insurance carrier. The Results Some of us may be afraid to file a claim because we’ve been taught that an insurance claim will raise our premiums. Negative. If you have a safe driving record along with a history of no insurance claims, then you are allowed by your insurance company to have your windshield fixed.

Don’t get caught driving down the road as that crack spiders. a spidering windshield is a very, very bad thing. Go See A Professional Have a professional automotive technician inspect your vehicle, including you glass all the way around. Only the ASE can offer professional advice for all you automotive systems, including your windshield. See an ASE Cert Technician today.

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