How my car repair career started

In my senior year of high school I enrolled in automotive shop class. This was not because I actually liked to fix cars it was because my first car was a piece of junk and needed to be fixed often.

In this class where 30 die hard mechanic wannabes. As we approached our graduation the guys in the class started planning on attending standard technical schools that were available in the area. I lived in a suburb of Philadelphia and there were several reputable automotive technical schools in the city.

At the time these two year programs were about $5000 a year. Since I had to pay for any continuing education myself I decided to investigate less expensive options. The local community college was starting a new auto repair career program that was sponsored by General Motors. This program was known as A.S.E.P. (automotive service educational program).

It was designed to teach automotive technology specifically for General Motors vehicles. This was the main reason the other guys I went to school with where not interested in the program. They did not want to learn about just one type of car. But this program was available at half the cost so I went for it. Lack of money and fear are good motivators.

This was the best move I ever made in my auto repair career. Specializing in a specific brand vehicle and receiving factory documented training gives a leg up in the job market. When you focus on one brand you can become an expert with that product quicker then if you trained in general informational categories.

When comparing my auto repair career with the other mechanics from my high school class I was able to make more money in a shorter period of time. I was concentrating on one brand. They were learning about many cars including Asian and German. They were hit with so much information over a two-year period they never really got to master anything.

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