Manual transmission problems

Overall manual transmission problems in my opinion are less common than problems with automatic transmissions. In fact the problems I have seen in most manual transmissions where actually caused by inexperienced drivers. I actually “pity the cars” that are used for teaching people.

To follow in this article will be some of the more common issues I have seen when working on manual transmissions. If your complaint or problem is not addressed in the information below it may be a good idea to check for technical service bulletins on your particular model.

Here is the perfect example. Recently a friend of the family “Chrisy” That owns an Acura RSX was having serious manual transmission problems. The main complaints being gear clash noise and hard shifting.

This particular driver is very experienced and had only driven manual transmission cars for the last 15 years. When I looked for service bulletins for the RSX I found several issues that were known by the factory. These technical service bulletins indicated that internal updated parts were available to solve these particular issues.

Not only did this save me from pulling the front drive transaxle out of the car in my driveway (not fun) but Chrisy got the repairs done for free. After the car was put back in service the driver stated the improved parts made a big difference in shift feel.

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