Preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance, basic inspection and preventive maintenance checks and repairs.

Preventative maintenance: Some people ask what why which who so let us explore the why and how it helps. Most people with a good medical coverage go for a yearly medical check up. The reason people go for a yearly check up is to make sure every part of the body is functioning well, and if something is wrong catch it early.

A car has components that are essential for it to perform at it’s best. ECM or electronic control module which is the brain of a car it sends and receives out puts and inputs in the form of voltage signals. The air filter and the throttle body which allow and regulate the breathing of the engine. The engine oil is the life blood which cools, lubricates, seals and acts as a dispersant. The water pump radiator,coolant fan and hoses which circulate and regulate the flow of the engine coolant. The other components which might seem minor can cause damage, let you stranded on a dark lonely road, and costly repairs if neglected. Windshield wipers for clear vision, lights for visibility at night time, belts to keep your accessories running, brakes that help you stop when you want to stop, air in your tire to keep your tires rolling, besides power steering, air conditioning, suspension for a smooth ride.

A good technician should make time while performing engine oil and filter replacement and conduct a visual inspection to make sure that all the above components are functioning well and are up to the required specifications. A technician should give the customer an inspection report advising the customer if any component needs attention immediately or in the near future.

There are instances where a $10 hose could have saved the replacement of an entire engine this is more so on engines with an aluminum block and cylinder heads.
It is better to spend a little time and money to deal with a minor problem right now than to wait , little things get worse and take longer and costlier to fix. Call Mel at City auto center 908-812-5978.

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