Technicians and tools of the trade.

Technicians and tools of the trade.

I have been in the automotive repair industry since 1972. I have used my god given senses eyes, ears, sense of touch and smell and common sense to diagnose and fix most problems. In my experience the use of special tools come into play when working with electrical and electronics.
The other most important tool is knowledge which comes from technical information and specifications when tackling electrical or electronic malfunctions. The tools needed to tackle electrical sensors and wiring is a good test light,multi meter,oscilloscope and a scan tool.

The road to become an automotive technician is to start out as a apprentice helper under a good technician or spend 25000 and attend a school.
There were no schools in the country and place i lived in 1968. I chose to work under a experienced technician and learnt the basics.I used to borrow a book by William H Crouse,Automotive engines from the British council library and copy the notes. This is the book that gave me the knowledge of the design of an engine the components functions etc. Today everyone can get any information by searching the internet.

My years in the industry in the course of many significant changes in design of automobiles i had to invest in a scan tool, multimeter, smoke machine,oscilloscope and of course a tool storage box. I also have to subscribe to a automotive technical information and billing software.

The new breed of mechanics entering the field have to invest in training and tools which could cost $50,000 or more.
The smart mechanics invest in education and good tools with a decent tool box, there are others who spend $12,000 or more in a tool box.

As with any trade one should have a role model and if the aspiring technician works along with a mature experienced technician. The aspiring technician could learn to be frugal and wisely invest in essential tools and technical information.

I have two technicians working with me one has invested $1000 and the other has invested $80,000 and they both work on all makes and model cars.
12000 Dollar tool box
1000 Dollar tools

A good procedure for a technician to follow is to:
Be neat and clean, use floor mats and seat covers.
Listen to the customer complaint road test the vehicle along with the customer
Conduct a thorough visual inspection of the interior exterior and engine compartment hoses belts fluids etc
When a check engine light is on use a scan tool and read the codes
Scan tool should be used to check the live data of sensors and fuel trims

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