Toyota Camry blower motor problem

Toyota Camry blower motor problem works intermittently.

A blower motor forces air into the air box where the heater core and evaporator are located. The change  from hot to cold and cold to hot is achieved by opening the right door. The blend door actuator helps to open or close the doors.

On this particular vehicle the blower motor was making a noise and at times it was stopping all together,

We could hear noises inside like something was touching the blower motor fan.

In order to get to the blower motor we need to remove the glove box and the front bezel. To my surprise i found the cabin air filter and blower motor were filled with acorns, a squirrel was using the cabin air filter for a bed and the blower motor housing to store acorns. I cleaned the area and put everything back together two times. The third time it sounded ridiculous to be taking the glove box apart every two weeks.

I finally decided to find out where the rodent was making its entry. The most likely area is below the wiper arms where the cowl for air entry to the blower is located. I made a cover with wire mesh and secured it with screws.

cabin air filter

Cabin air filter

Blower motor

Blower motor fan

Blower air inlet

Blower air inlet


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