Toyota camry cv axle shaft replacement

Toyota camry cv axle shaft replacement.

Toyota camry cv axle shaft replacement, this is on a 2001 Toyota Camry.

Replacing passenger side axle shaft on a 2001 Toyota Camry.

cv axle
The drive shaft or axle is used to transfer the torque from the engine, through the transmission output shaft, to the wheels. A drive axle consists of constant velocity joints which have a neoprene boots which cover and retain grease inside the joints.
The removal of the passenger side cv axle shaft could be daunting at times. The driver side axle is short and easy to replace. The passenger side is longer and has a support bearing for the shaft. The support bearing is also combined with the rear motor mount.

Axle support bearing

The process involves removal of the wheel, separating the strut and knuckle from the lower ball joint. The axle shaft has to be separated from the support bearing for removal. The support bearing has a locking bolt which has to be loosened. The support bearing may be frozen to the support bearing housing which is also the motor mount. The entire shaft along with the motor mount has to be removed and then heated and pressed out using a power press. A one hour job could now turn into a three hour job.

motor mount

This would be a good time to replace the rear motor mount insert since the motor mount is out of the vehicle.

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