Water pump failures

Water pump failures have increased lately:

Defective pump:


Defective water pump

I had a customer come in complaining that he was not getting heat inside the vehicle. The vehicle was a 2001 Ford E250 van with a 4.2 liter engine.

We checked and found the radiator top hose was hot to the touch, the radiator bottom hose was cold. This confirmed that the coolant was not circulating in the engine. The most probable reasons could be a clogged radiator or a defective water pump.
We first removed the water pump to see if the impeller was intact. After we removed the water pump we found the impeller missing from the shaft that holds it. The impeller was off and blocking the water passage in the engine block.

We replaced the defective water pump with a new water pump and the problem was solved.

New pump:

New water pump

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