Why get formal auto repair training

When you first get started in the business it’s hard to find a good paying position. In most cases you will not start making good money until you have some experience and some certifications. In order to take the ASE certification tests you need two years of documented experience. Formal auto repair training can count towards this.

When you start to fill out job applications the fact you graduated a training program shows a commitment to the career. Mechanics showing commitment through training and certification can get higher pay. Now that 25 years has passed I can compare wages with the guys from high school shop class. We make about the same now.

I made more at the start because I specialized. My employment opportunities were limited to General Motors dealerships at first. But after I got my ASE certifications and had 10 years of working experience I was able to get a job with a local government fleet.
In closing my recommendation would be to look into factory sponsored training programs at your local community colleges. General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda all have preferred training programs.

Getting involved with one of these can also provide job placement assistance. In some areas of the country there may not be factory programs available. In this case automotive technical schools are still a good choice and provide excellent training and will count as experience towards your ASE tests.

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