why pay a diagnostic fees

Why pay for diagnostics ?

A customer dropped his vehicle off at our shop last week. He wanted us to find out why his car was performing poorly and the check engine light was on. We spent over one hour scanned for failure codes and checked the live data. We encountered these three failure codes P0171-174 and P0300B random misfire codes.

In most cases for DTC P0171 and 174 is too much air or too little fuel for a good combustion.
A P0300 is a random misfire code which implies that one or more cylinders are misfiring.We then
followed a standard diagnostic procedure which is check spark fuel pressure compression etc.

The first question the customer asked us was is there a diagnostic fee,which most do not want to pay diagnostics fees, especially when it comes to trouble codes. Often customers think that the simple reading of a trouble code completes the repair process, when actually, it’s just the beginning. For example, the P0171, P0174 and P0300 codes, which indicate more air than required or less fuel than required, has several steps which need to be taken and checked and some eliminated in order to come to the right conclusion or a fix. Examining those steps takes time,equipment and expertise to examine, and a technician deserves to be paid for that time.

Finally, the right thing is to find the real problem and what component or components have failed to attribute to the dysfunction which in essence leads to an effective fix. The process of identifying the root cause and failed component and replacing the failed component is less expensive than replacing parts until the problem is fixed.The process needs a qualified technician who can conduct a proper diagnosis with the latest tools software and technical information, this amounts to a lot of training just as medical professionals—why should their time matter any less?

Causes for a P0171-174 Lean codes or a P0300B random misfire code. These codes are caused due to too much air or too little fuel the two basic reasons which can be caused by several component failures. Why should a technician invest his time and money and not get paid for it is the question.

We do not claim to be equal to a doctor but most of our work is similar to a doctor that is examine, test,diagnose and apply the right cure which takes time which in essence costs us money.

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