Do I have to go to the dealership for service?

My New Car Needs To Be Serviced. Will My Warranty Be Honored If I Bring My Car To A Non-Dealer Repair Shop?

From Mel’s Auto Blog

I am often asked by our customers whether they need to bring their vehicle to the dealership from which they bought or leased their car or light truck for servicing and repair. In many instances, car owners are of the belief that if their vehicle is under warranty that it must be brought back to the dealership for servicing. Otherwise, they fear, the repairs or servicing will not be covered by the warranty.

In reality, a car and light truck owner is entitled to bring their vehicle to a qualified technician that is not affiliated with the dealership or its auto shop. The consumer protection laws of the United States forbid a warranty company from denying coverage for your repair or servicing if you bring your vehicle to an otherwise qualified repair shop. Rather, the warranty company may simply require that certain parts meet age and quality standards. A qualified, competent repair shop can certainly abide by such requirements and provide you with excellent service.

In addition to comparable service quality at your trusted local repair shop, you are also likely to save money on your visit to a local mechanic compared to the inflated costs often associated with servicing your vehicle at a dealership. According to widely-publicized media reports, the average dealership repair service is a full 38-percent higher than bringing your vehicle to an independent auto repair shop. The immense cost savings associated with servicing your vehicle by an independent repair shop cannot be overlooked.

A competent, qualified local auto repair shop will have all the tools, parts, systems, machines and experienced staff that you would find at a dealership. In addition, you will likely have less wait time and more personal, one-on-one attention to your repair and servicing needs by bringing your vehicle to a local, trusted repair shop.

With more than forty years’ worth of experience, Mel’s Auto Repair provides you with services covered by warranty and in compliance with manufacturer’s specifications. We work on all makes and models of cars and light trucks, foreign and domestic. Our attentive, prompt staff will handle all of your servicing and repair needs. Call us today at (732) 723-0095 to schedule an appointment for a free diagnostic evaluation. You can also feel free to come directly to our shop to discuss your needs.

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