Extending the life of your car or truck.

Extending the life of your car or truck.

Thinking of extending the life of your car or truck.
Whether it’s new or used, when you buy a new car you want it to run in good condition for as long as you own it. Taking care of your new purchase on a routine basis will keep it in shape and retain value. Use smart car care tips to extend the life of your car.

Break It In

The first 1,000 miles you drive a brand new car, keep speeds under 55 mph or refer to the manufacturer’s drivers manual. Avoid fast acceleration the first several times you drive. Also avoid towing heavy loads or weighting down the roof, and don’t let the car idle for long periods of time.

Park Smart

If you can’t park in a garage, find shade to protect your car from the damage of weather and UV rays. Be mindful of birds when parking under trees, and consider using a car shade if there are no other options.

Be careful not to park in situations where you may get stuck. Switching from forward to reverse and revving the engine spins tires and generates heat. This causes damage to the transmission and other parts. Carry a tow rope or other traction aid in your safety and repair kit.

Use Clean Fuel

When underground gas tanks are refilled, sediment is stirred up in the commotion. If you visit a gas station and see a fuel truck, consider getting gas at another location. Dirty fuel clogs your filters and other parts leading to performance problems and costly repairs. Make sure the stations you patronize filter at the pump and change their filters regularly.

Tire Checks

Maintain the proper tire inflation on your wheels. Check them regularly for uneven wear and examine the tread. It’s recommended that tires are changed with 1/8 inch of tread remaining. Rotate your tires and have your wheel alignment checked every 30,000 miles or as directed by the manufacturer.

Check Fluids and Hoses

Car care means checking your brake, steering and transmission fluids. Change your oil on a regular basis. Make sure hoses are in good condition and be aware most spark plugs need to be changed around 30,000 miles.With periodic preventive maintenance helps in extending the life of your car or truck

A Clean Engine

Keeping your car engine clean under the hood will add to the life of your car. It’ll run cooler and make it easier to spot leaks. Wipe down your battery, too, with a clean cloth and a degreaser if necessary.

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