How do I save on Gas?

You must’ve heard this so many times, save on petrol, save on gas, reduce emissions, but how is it possible when fuel prices are increasing daily. The best way is to focus on fuel economy. In fact, this is the hot topic these days when gas prices are nudging upwards and incomes are slowing down due to the sluggish economy.

Let’s have a close look at few ways to save money on gas; *Avoid using your air conditioning when not required. Although it’s sweltering hot during summers, but air conditioning reduces your engine power and increases gas consumption. * Avoid carrying unnecessary weights. These weights make your car heavier and it burns a lot more fuel. * You should not accelerate suddenly.

People suddenly get in sportive mood and kick down the acceleration, but this increases your fuel consumption. * Although it may be annoying at times to use manual gearbox, but you also save good money by improving on your mileage. * Plan your trips-You should plan your trips in way by combining it with something else. For instance, hold off on buying butter until you’ve to drop you son off to his piano session. You will be amazed to find how easily you can eliminated several unnecessary trips. * Split the Cost- Carpooling is great especially if two or three individual can participate. Car share and ride share programs such as are great. Check them out. * Smooth as Silk – You should do smooth driving because it pays really well. Starting slowly and gradually increasing your speed will save you money every time. Punching your accelerator is like punching your wallet.

This will also prevent you from hard braking that again consumes lots of oil. * Anticipation – When you are driving, you should closely monitor what is happening in front of your vehicle.

That way, it will be easy for you to avoid heavy braking and you can also time lights. Getting your vehicle rolling from stop uses large amounts of fuel in comparison when it is slowly rolling. In fact, you can use traffic patterns to your advantage. You should also pay adequate attention to light patterns so that you are not constantly hitting the red lights.

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