Is my car safe to drive?

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There are many times when my customers will ask me whether their car is safe to drive. Usually, these questions come from customers who have been involved in a minor vehicular accident or when they notice changes in their vehicle’s performance as the car ages.

For example, many customers will stop by our shop and note certain “symptoms” they are experiencing with their car or light truck. Common issues I often hear are:

•a check engine light is now displayed on their dashboard;
•the vehicle is “pulling” to the left or right when they travel down the road;
•the vehicle seems to shake or feel as if the car is wobbling while driving;
•the vehicle is making a grinding sound around the tire areas when they travel; or
•the vehicle seems to make a lot of noise when they drive over bumps or small holes in the road.

At Mel’s Auto Repair, we perform a fully-comprehensive system of diagnostic testing to ensure that your vehicle meets the most stringent and widely-accepted repair and servicing standards. We will check all of your vehicle’s critical components, including:

•Tires. We check all tires on your vehicle for tread wear, air pressure and balance. As necessary, we will rotate and balance your tires. If your tires appear unsafe due to tread wear, we will replace them.

•Alignment and Suspension. We will ensure that your vehicle’s suspension, shocks and struts are in good working order and service or replace parts as necessary. Also, we will properly-align your vehicle such that it will not pull to one side or the other during your travels.

•Brakes. If your vehicle cannot come to a safe and proper stop, it places you and other motorists at risk. We will review your brake pads and rotors to ensure that your vehicle’s braking systems are in good, sound condition. Frequent servicing of your brake pads will avoid the more costly servicing associated with rotor replacement.

•Alternator and Battery. We will evaluate the health of your alternator and battery to ensure that your vehicle’s electrical generation and storage capacity are in proper working order, reducing the risk that your engine will experience power loss while on the road.

At Mel’s Auto, we believe that our customers’ safety and satisfaction are the most important guiding principles of our business operations. Feel free to stop by our shop located at 1189 Englishtown Road, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857 for a free estimate. You can also call us (800) 517-5260 to schedule an appointment with our highly-qualified, expert staff.

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