Repair a car vs buying a new car

Repair a car vs buying a new car.

The economy being what it is today people have to think twice before buying a new car. The most expensive repairs are transmission rebuild, engine rebuild and major body damage if these three are good then you can fix other repairs.

Most cars that had been driven with care and properly maintained on a timely maintenance schedule will be in good condition and last longer.Most large car rental companies trade or sell their cars at or around 30 miles these cars have been inspected and serviced by strictly adhering to the manufacturers specifications and are good to buy.

Major oil and coolant leaks need to be looked at. The color of the exhaust smoke will also reveal if any major engine defects exist. White smoke with a sweet odor is usually coolant mixing with exhaust gases, blue smoke is an indication of oil burning due to valve seals, valve guide, piston rings, black smoke indicates excess fuel due to bad injectors or a defective fuel pressure regulator.

A good option is to look for cars that have been off lease with low mileage.The other option is to buy certified used cars from Toyota or Honda dealers.Toyota and Honda dealers get used cars as trade in and perform a thorough inspection and conduct repairs as needed.

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