Car repair Orlando Florida USA

Car repair Orlando Florida USA .

Advance auto repairs considers You as a Neighbor, Not a Number.

Car repair Orlando Florida USA, contact advance auto repair for engine head gasket repair Orlando, clutch repair Orlando and all other repair work engine repair, transmission repair to name a few.

If you’re like most conscientious car owners, you understand the importance of keeping your vehicle properly maintained. And if you live in the Greater Orlando area, Advance Auto Repair can help. Our skilled car service technicians can provide most every type of car repair or car care needed to keep your automobile, truck or SUV running smoothly.

Is your vehicle experiencing mechanical problems? Call Advance Auto Repair at (407) 203-8838 for a local mechanic in Orlando 32805.Speak with our Customer Care staff. Our staff will be happy to set up an appointment so that we can inspect your vehicle, fix any problems and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. You can also schedule appointments on our website. Whether you need something as simple as an oil change or extensive servicing such as a transmission repair, we can provide quick car repair on most all foreign and domestic vehicles at an affordable price.

Why work with Advance Auto Repair instead of an automotive repair chain? At Advance Auto Repair we give each customer personalized car service. To us, you’re a neighbor, not a number. Call us for car repair Orlando some practical car care or car repair questions for advise. And, if necessary, make an appointment so we can inspect your vehicle. We take your safety seriously which is why we offer superlative automotive repair service.

Unlike the big chain repair shops, owner operated car repair Orlando shop guarantees all car repairs. Our car care service center offers all customers detailed car repair estimates and along with an explanation regarding the services or repairs your car may need. We provide all clients with a detailed parts and labor estimate so you can better understand which car care services were needed. Advance Auto Repair also guarantees every automotive repair and offers all new customers a ten percent discount on all car repairs over $100.

Need more car repair advise? Click on the “Car Care Tips” and “Blog” tabs on our website to learn more about how you can extend the life of your vehicle. Have questions that require more detail? Call us at (407) 203-8838 or email us at

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