Written Estimate for Repair Work

When a customer brings in a car, van or truck to Advance Auto Repair in Orlando, Florida, the client is provided with detailed information before any repair work is performed on the vehicle. We want our customers to receive the best repair jobs on their vehicles, but we also want our clients to make informed decisions. Additionally, we provide every customer with a written guarantee on work performed.

A Written Estimate is Provided on every Repair Job

It is important to receive a written estimate instead of a verbal description of the labor costs and prices of needed
parts. Our written estimates include estimated prices for both used parts and new items. We provide each customer with a detailed written estimate prior to performing any repair work. Every person who brings a vehicle into our shop knows exactly what type of repair is involved before a repair person works on the vehicle. We strive to estimate the costs and repairs of vehicles accurately. Consequently, our customers are never charged more than 10 percent or $15 over the total estimated amount. The sole exception to this rule is if the customer gives us written approval in advance.

Each Customer Receives a Detailed Invoice

After a repair job is completed, every customer receives an invoice that clearly explains the details involved in repairing the vehicle. This includes a detailed explanation of the work that was performed by our mechanic and a list of the new or used parts that were used in order to complete the job. Each client is then able to understand the precise cost for the number of hours worked and the price for each new or used part.

Every Customer Receives a Guarantee in Writing

All work performed at Advance Auto Repair in Orlando, Florida, comes with a written guarantee on work performed. This warranty covers both new and used parts as well as labor for either 90 days or 3,000 miles after completion of the job.

This written guarantee on work performed is included on the customer’s invoice. Additionally, each customer has either 10 days or the amount of time included in the warranty period, whichever is greater, to return the vehicle if there is any problem with the repair job that was performed.

Customers have Specific Rights

We want our customers to experience complete satisfaction before they leave our shop. Consequently, every customer has the right to inspect. A customer is entitled to look at the work performed and the newly installed parts. We encourage each client to make use of his or her right to inspect. Additionally, each customer has the right to provide a written description of any noticeable problems with a repair job.

Return Policy

Customers can return replaced parts if they provide written approval prior to their original work orders. However, return of replaced parts does not include warranty or exchange parts.

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