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City Auto Center provides a full-range of automobile and light truck services, foreign or domestic. Here is a partial list of the services we provide:

Brake Pad Replacement and Brake Repair

Customer safety is our paramount concern. Your brakes and pads should be in good working order at all times, as no price can be put on your physical safety and to protect the lives of your fellow passengers. If you believe you are in need of brake servicing, or would like us to perform a diagnostic evaluation of your brakes and pads, stop by for a free evaluation and estimate.

Oil Changes

The smooth movement of your engine parts is essential to your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Keeping your car’s oil serviced on a regular basis is a small, but very important, aspect of vehicle ownership and maintenance. If you have not had your oil checked and changed recently, come by Mel’s Auto Repair.


Just as the movement of your engine parts is very important, it is also critical that your engine’s key parts are in top condition, including your spark plugs and filters. Regularly servicing your vehicle with a tune-up is part of mandatory preventative maintenance, keeping your car or light truck functioning at optimal levels. Stop my City Auto center for your next tune-up!

Transmission Servicing

Your transmission is a key component of your vehicle’s capacity to function. If your transmission is not serviced and kept in good condition, it cannot transfer power from your engine to the axles to generate the required torque to move your vehicle! Regularly servicing your transmission will avoid the much larger investment necessary to replace a transmission should it be required in the future. Let the experts at City Auto center provide a free diagnostic evaluation of your transmission health today.


Does your vehicle feel like it is pulling to one side or the other? If so, you may be in need of an alignment. An alignment will not only make your ride more pleasant – it will also help to preserve your tires. If you are experiencing any such difficulties with your car or light truck, come to Mel’s Auto Repair for a free diagnostic testing.

Heat and Air Conditioning

Is your vehicle unbearably hot in the summer? Do you freeze when driving during the winter? In addition to your comfort level, proper heating and cooling is important to protect your health and well-being during long rides in extreme weather. Let the expert technicians at Mel’s Auto Repair diagnose your heating and cooling issues and provide you with the service solutions you need.

Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

Maintenance of your muffler and exhaust systems is crucial to the quality and safety of your driving experience. A noisy muffler is unpleasant for you and those around you. Also, a faulty exhaust system can be a serious health risk and may run afoul of motor vehicle laws. If you are experiencing any issues concerning your muffler or exhaust system, come to Mel’s Auto Repair for a comprehensive, complimentary diagnostic evaluation.

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