1994 Toyota V6 Overheating

What happens when the impeller on the water pump goes bad.

1994 Toyota Camry V6 XLE

Customer brings the car in with steam coming out from under the hood. We opened the hood to take a look and found the coolant reservoir had two holes on it. The extreme heat melted the reservoir. We let the enigne cool down and checked to see if the engine had seized and to our surprise the engine was not seized. We then checked the thermostat and the radiator fan which seemed to be good.

Coolant reservoir

We now suspected that the water pump could be defective because we could hear a whining noise from inside the timing cover.We then recommended to the customer to replace the water pump and timing belt while the timing belt was off with a tensioner, idler pulleys.
Water pump impeller loose
When we took the water pump out we saw that the impellor which is made out of plastic was spinning free on the impeller shaft.We replaced the water pump and timing belt components and all was well.

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