2007 Chevrolet Tahoe rear differential problems

Customer came in with a bad differential smelling burnt fried. We do not rebuild differentials and we suggested procuring a rebuilt or recyled differential assembly.

The customer opted for a used differential from recyling yard. LKQ a large recyling yard in Orlando Florida quoted a price of $1500 for a used rear differential with a 6 month warranty.

The customer travelled a 1000 miles and called us to inform us that the differential had failed. When we contacted LKQ they said we had to change the seals and that the warranty was void if the seals were not replaced. They claimed that their top notch tech department who are experts have recommended not to warranty.

My question is if they have such a highly qualified tech service they should have changed the seals for the price of $1500-. LKQ is supposed to be a  big corporation, i had bought certain parts from them in the past two years. These days they started to charge a core charge and delivery charges too. I should have ordered and installed a rebuilt unit which was $1300 with one year warranty, unfortunately time was of essence and we opted for used. I will not buy any parts from them in future and i will not recommend them to friends or families i know.
07 Tahoe Differential
Tahoe rear differential

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