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Advance auto repairs Orlando service technicians understand the ac system in order to fix the problem they are experts in identifying all the working components of your AC cooling system. The air condition cooling system basically is designed to move the heat from the inside of your vehicle to the outside of your vehicle. Freon is added to your AC cooling system and then circulates from the engine compartment to the inside of your car by way of the compressor. The refrigerant is called freon and it circulates by way of hoses, and many times a simple hose replacement is all that is needed to get the air flowing cold again. The condensor is located near the radiator to allow moving air to pass over the coils. If your ac system is still not functioning properly, then it is time to move onto the expansion valve. The job of the expansion valve is to drop the pressure of the refrigerant and to monitor the flow and then atomize it.

Compressing the refrigerant causes the entire system to become extremely hot, and in addition to the heat inside your vehicle, that is a lot of heat the system needs to expel outside. The refrigerant in the system is constantly turning from liquid to gas, which in itself gives off an extreme amount of heat. This process basically starts with the adding of the refrigerant, then the liquid passes through they systems expansion valve on it’s way to the evaporator. From there it travels to the coils inside the evaporator of your vehicle to cool. When the coils become cool from the refrigerant a blower then blows the cold air surrounding those cold through a vent system into your vehicle to cool the interior of the vehicle. The system is a continuous loop that cycles and recycles through many times during the time you are driving your vehicle.

A professional automotive air conditioning repair technician at Advance auto ac repair Orlando who are well versed in ac repair Orlando can spot check your system to see if all the parts are functioning properly and perform a routine ac service. The condensor and the compressor are the most expensive parts of the entire cooling system, and professional technicians will do leak checks and hose checks first to see if the repair may not be as costly as originally though because those items will be of minimal cost compared to the bigger components of the system. Advance auto repair technicians have the expertise to perform diagnostics, leak checks and perform replacement of failed components within a short period of time. Advance auto AC repair Orlando will explain the defects and required parts to fix the problem and bring the ac system back to peak performance.

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