BMW 325 CI, ZF 5hp19 model transmission fluid leak

2003 BMW 325 CI, ZF 5hp19 model transmission fluid leak.

The transmission fluid leaks from the pump seal.

Bushing washer sm
Torque convertor

The rough bushing on the pump housing spun and stuck to the converter neck you can see the pump bushing welded to the convertor.

The bushing is a soft metal lined with a steel backing it is supposed to be pressed tightly into the pump housing, and the converter spins inside of it. The converter needs to be replaced due to the bushing which has welded itself on to it. The pump housing where the bushing seats is damaged and needs to be  replaced. There is potential for damaged internal components inside the unit caused by the lack of fluid.

Pump cover
Transmission fluid pump
Replacing the pump is not a job for the faint hearted and needs special tools.
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