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There are many physical components that must work in unison in order to perform the key safety function of slowing your vehicle when you apply pressure to your brake pedal.  Each must be in proper, good-working order to provide adequate and safe braking of your vehicle.
How Your Brakes Stop Your Vehicle
In virtually all modern passenger vehicles, light trucks and motorcycles, your brakes are fitted with what is known as “shoes” or “pads” and operate by way of friction. If your vehicle uses a disc brake, a pad creates contact and friction between itself and a disc when the brakes are applied by the vehicle operator.  In other braking systems, such as a band brake, the shoes constrict in order to cause friction between themselves and the outer area of a rotating drum.  In other systems, such as a drum brake, the shoes expand, rather than constrict, in order to cause friction along the inner portion of a drum.
Regardless of the system installed in your vehicle, it is vitally important that your brake system is properly serviced and in proper working order.
Noisy Brakes
If you have been a long-time driver, you certainly have experienced situations in which you step on your brake pedal and hear a noise that seems out of the ordinary.  In many instances, such noises might sounds like squealing or grinding.  Depending on tire health, road conditions and the speed at which your vehicle is traveling during the braking process, you might hear certain noises.  Furthermore, depending on the cause of such noise, you may or may not have a mechanical problem with any or all of your brake components.
The health and performance of your braking system is perhaps the most important factor in safe vehicle operation for you, your passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.
Brake repair orlando fl can help Keep Your Brakes In Good Working Order.
So how do you keep your brakes in proper condition? In addition to slowing down while you are driving and easing into your braking pressure well in advance of a required stop, you should certainly have your braking system routinely evaluated by quality, competent service technicians. Contact Advance auto repairs today 407-203-8838 to make an appointment for a free diagnostic review of your vehicle’s brake system. As always, our experienced staff can repair brake systems on your passenger car, light duty truck or motorcycle.

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