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At Advance Auto Repairs we offer a complete car service in Orlando, Florida. Oil changes, tire repair, full transmission service, brake repair, tune ups, and engine repairs. A detailed inspection is offered as the car comes in to be serviced. General repairs are taken as seriously as major repairs. People are treated with respect and their best interest is always on the minds of the technicians.

Number 1 Goal

At Advance Auto Repairs, the number one goal is to keep up the satisfaction of the customers. Providing a great value and holding our customers in a high prestigious manner while maintaining our companies integrity are all important aspects of the job here at Advance Auto Repairs.

Advance Auto Repairs has the diagnostic equipment and the expertise and know how to get your vehicle in excellent working order. Foreign and domestic vehicles are serviced at Advance Auto Repairs in Orlando. We offer the most current technological products and use them in if the job calls for it. We diligently provide up to date training for our technicians to stay ahead of the competition.

What Sets Advance Auto Repairs Apart from the Rest?

We make sure to gain the trust and respect we work hard for, so our customers feel more like friends and we feel more like friends to our customers. We are highly motivated and thorough on the vehicles we service making certain when it leaves our shop it is a safer vehicle than before we repaired or serviced it.  It is Orlando’s car service top choice for consumers to bring their vehicles to.

We focus on fixing the main problem that the car is in need of fixing, no unnecessary auto repairs take place in this shop. Those kinds of things happen at other shops and that is why customers get mad and mistrust repair shops, they often jack up the bill by making unnecessary repairs, adding onto the main issue the vehicle had. That kind of irresponsibility is nonexistent at Advance Auto Repairs.

Give Mel a call today to make an appointment with a premium car service specialist in Orlando at Advance Auto Repairs (407) 203-8838.

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