Engine repair

A cam bearing installing tool, a torque wrench, a tool for the cylinder liner honing and spring compressor if any cylinder head work will be done is needed as well. A dial caliper, degree wheel and dial indicator are also necessary. Even when you have all the tools, there are alto of things to watch out for during the rebuild.
Many times a rebuild can be more cost effective than an engine swap. The first step is to check the motor for any indications of overheating. Check the external attachments to the engine and then remove the oil pan. Remove the valve heads and the ridge on the cylinder. Remove the piston and rods and inspect crankshaft as well. The next step is to take off the camshaft in order to examine the block. It’s important to Magnaflux the block when everything is removed. After inspecting the block it’s important to examine the cylinder head for any irregularities as well. It’s always important to clean the bores to remove any left-over residue from cylinder liner honing as well.

Whether you are performing an engine swap or are rebuilding the motor, there are always a specific amount of steps involved when dealing with the long block and the short block. It can be daunting at times, but the more often you do it, the easier it gets. The cylinders may have to be bored and honed in order to fit a larger piston and piston rings. New crank shaft bearings are usually needed when rebuilding the long block. If the main bearings in the center seem more worn than on the ends of the crank shaft, the crank shaft could be bent or the main bearings may not be aligned properly.

If the connecting rod bearings have worn down unevenly, it typically means the rod has become twisted. It’s important to keep pieces like the connecting rod bearings separated so you don’t lose your way when you begin to rebuild. Many times there are kits that can be purchased that have extra pieces like an oil pump, piston rings, and a camshaft. It’s important to make sure that everything is clean and level before you begin reassembling the short block. Always be sure to prime the new engine and the oil pump once the build is complete.

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