Ford Explorer 5R55E Transmission over haul

Customer complaint gear slips DTC P0733 Gear three incorrect ratio,P0745 line pressure control solenoid fault. The fluid was burnt and black in color.

Tear down and inspection revealed worn bands and a scored direct drum, the over drive planetary gears had a lot of play. The solenoid pack D16420GB had to be replaced for line pressure solenoid fault. As a standard procedure we replaced the torque convertor, banner kit consisting of seals, gaskets, clutch plates, both bands, filter, direct drum and over drive planetary. Total time involved is 12 hours removing from vehicle rebuilding and installing in vehicle.

This job which is a total overhaul would cost around $1616- which is a fair price.

5R55E on bench


Convertor bannerkit

Planetary Drum solenoid


Scored Diretdrum

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