Fuel pump woes

Things that could cause a failure other than technical problems.

A lady customer tows her 2005 PT Cruiser car in for a no start and stalling problem. We had done a complete tune-up 4 months ago, and we replaced the fuel pump 2 months ago. When we removed the fuel pump the first time we noticed water in the tank. We then replaced the fuel filter after draining all the gasoline and cleaned the tank filled with gasoline. We first conduct a basic diagnosis check for diagnostic trouble codes, spark test, pulse test, fuel pressure etc before attempting repairs.


Trouble code P0301 Cylinder misfire we replaced with new coil and champion spark plugs. We then tested the injectors and found them to be good. We were not expecting a fuel pump problem because the fuel pump was recently replaced and the pressure gauge we tested with showed 55 psi at idle with the vehicle stationary .


The car when test driven would drive fine for a while and then when taking off from a stop would bog down and act like it would shut off. After driving a couple of times eventually it died, we checked for spark it was ok. We checked for fuel pressure and found to be 10 psi where as the required pressure was 55 psi. We then lowered the fuel tank and removed the pump. The fuel tank was contaminated with saw dust like material and water. This certainly appears to be an intentional and malicious act. A matter of rejection or hatred always look for the un expected especially if customer is a woman, a person with enemies. We were trying to send the material for lab testing but we could not locate one in Orlando which does the test, if it was sugar it could cause major problems to the engine we do not know what exactly the material was.

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