As a rule of thumb, you should have your vehicle’s braking system inspected at least once a year. This is one of the most important safety items on your vehicle and proper inspection can save you time and money. Taking your brakes for granted could have catastrophic results. There are some telltale signs your brake pads are in need of service. These include metal scraping noises, indicators on your dash, low brake fluid, or vibration while stopping. If any of these conditions exist, it is time to service your vehicle’s brakes.

Your tires are the most important aspect to keeping your vehicle glued to the road. Preventive maintenance can mitigate some safety hazards while traveling to your destination. Improper tire pressure can be a costly mistake. Under inflation reduces cornering stability and traction, produce irregular tire tread wear, and reduce fuel efficiency. Over-inflation increases tire tread wear, reduces durability against potholes and debris, and makes for a rough ride on the road. Recommended pressure is always labeled on your sidewall, and can be checked at most gas stations equipped with public air pumps. Tread wear should be checked routinely as any irregularities are telltale signs of various problems. Misalignment and pressure are two common tread-eaters. When it comes to car maintenance, tire inspections should be completed routinely and thoroughly.

Exhaust leaks are easy to detect and repair, but if left unchecked, they can become life threatening. Your exhaust system is built to expel the byproduct of combustion, which is carbon monoxide. When there is a leak in your exhaust, the built up carbon can seep into your vehicle, posing a risk to all passengers inside it. The vehicle’s exhaust is louder and may sound hollow. Any unusual sound coming from under the vehicle, especially while accelerating, could mean an exhaust leak. These indications should compel you to bring your vehicle to any auto repair shop specializing in mufflers.

Regular maintenance can keep you safe on the road. By routinely inspecting your brake system, muffler, and every tire (including spares), you can save yourself from costly repairs. Preventive maintenance is imperative to saving money and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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