Misfire due to bad gasoline.

Car came in on a tow truck no start no crank. The battery was totally bad to start with had to replace battery, installed battery cranked engine starts and back fires real bad. We then replaced all the spark plugs as a preventive maintenance step. The air filter element was burnt due to the engine back fire. The intake hose was ruptured letting in too much air, checked mass air flow sensor and found the sensor mesh completely burned out along with the hose.

Replaced mass air flow sensor and started the engine still back firing severely. We then took some gas from the vehicle in a clean white glass and saw the color of the gas was yellow. We then got a gallon of gas and tested the gas in a glass jar which was clear as water. We lowered the gas tank and drained all the gas from the tank. We then filled fresh gas and started the engine the engine purred like a kitten and cleared all the old fuel from the exhaust system. Our final analysis is the fuel was old and stale and lost some of its volatile properties which caused the misfire.

Clear gas is good sm
The one on the left clear color is good gasoline. The above illustration shows that good gas has a clear color stale gas color turns to yellow.

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