Muffler repair

The noise is caused by the effect of air and other gaseous pressure that exits your vehicle engine. The muffler utilizes a system of acoustic quieting to redirect such sound harmonically, such that the pressure-caused noise is much more palatable for the driver, passengers, other motorists and pedestrians. Without a muffler, your ride would be, to put it lightly, very noisy and unpleasant!The picture below is called a flex pipe and a common failure.

Flex pipe
The muffler is, technically-speaking, physically attached to your vehicle exhaust system. However, the muffler itself performs no actual system exhaust function.  Rather, the muffler shares the same piping as is utilized by your vehicle’s silent exhaust gases. In fact, in virtually all passenger vehicles, the engine relies upon the exact same and complicated exit route to remove gases that the muffler is designed to mute.

A certain “side effect” of your engine’s muffler system is that it has the unintended and unfavorable result of causing back pressure on your engine.  In practical terms, this means that your muffler unwittingly creates reverse pressure that reduces your engine’s overall performance. Unfortunately, it is often unwise, and illegal, in most areas of the civilized world to alter your muffler system to reduce such back pressure, regardless of the reasons for doing so.

Furthermore, many people make the poor decision of having an aftermarket muffler installed during regularly scheduled engine tune ups.  They often do so in an effort to increase engine performance, reduce fuel consumption or purely for cosmetic reasons.  However, these reasons are generally unwise. The better practice is to have your muffler system serviced regularly and, if necessary, to have it replaced to provide you with the maximum engine performance while also functioning properly to reduce environmental noise production.

You should have your muffler system evaluated for performance and overall functional health.  Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic review of your muffler system.

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