Orlando Auto Repair

Orlando Auto Repair

Advance Auto Repairs is owned and operated by a 39 years experienced mechanic for Orlando auto repair . Advance Auto Repairs is well versed in all phases of auto repair Orlando import and domestic cars. Advanced Auto Repairs is a specialist car repair shop for transmission repairs and general auto repair.

Services Provided at Advance Auto Repairs in Orlando

With any service offered at Advance Auto Repair in Orlando you are receiving top quality service by a professional and trustworthy technician. Your vehicle will be handled with exceptional care from a specialist who knows how to provide expert care and maintenance for your automobile. Maintenance and preventative auto service, transmission and engine repair. The fuel injectors in your vehicle need cleaning for better gas mileage and longer lasting life of the motor. Oil changes, tune-up, and major engine repair on both foreign and domestic models.

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Periodic Inspection and maintenance will save Money and time.

The health of your vehicle is important to you and your family. It is what keeps you guys going for shopping or work. Well, let us make certain the health of your vehicle is in perfect condition. Our technicians can conduct a thorough inspection to spot issues before they come up as major issues. One way we do that is by making sure your vehicle has the latest upgrades or make certain everything is in tip top shape with the cooling system and lubricating system. We refer to the latest Technical service bulletins provided by the manufacturer. Most important systems that would turn out to be expensive if neglected are the cooling system, and engine lubricating system you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. To avert a major repair they need to checked regularly and topped up regularly. Aluminum is the material used in making cylinder heads and cylinder blocks of the engine that get extremely hot which require proper cooling and lubrication. Therefore, it is imperative that the cooling and lubricating systems should be in their optimum condition.Orlando temperatures go very high in summer which cause extreme heat on Orlando auto transmissions and engines which in turn need to be regulated for optimum temperatures.

If you would like to be promptly notified of underlying issues with a vehicle you are thinking about buying, bring it to Advance Auto Repairs in Orlando auto repair shop. By conducting a thorough inspection we can pinpoint these problems, and let you know all the facts before you make a big purchase like an automobile, we are building trust with you. We will be happy to oblige your auto repair or pre purchase needs, call for an appointment today with Mel at (407) 203-8838.

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