You might notice very obvious signs of problems with your shocks, struts and suspension (such as very loud noises when you drive over bumps on the roadway). As with alignment issues, you may also notice that your steering wheel does not center at “12 o’clock” when moving straight forward. In addition, you might notice that your vehicle appears to wander on the roadway. However, you might not notice subtle indications of a growing problem with your overall suspension system. For example:

·Dents or other physical damage to your shocks and struts;
·Brushings or mounts appear worn or are simply broken entirely; and
·Fluid leaking directly from the shock or strut body

These less obvious signs are generally not noticeable to a vehicle owner and require a competent mechanic to inspect your suspension system for such problems. In addition, the presence of problems with your suspension, shocks or struts presents immediate safety concerns. A vehicle with a poorly-maintained suspension system makes your vehicle less controllable on the road, which puts you and other motorists at risk. Furthermore, if your vehicle’s suspension, shocks and struts are not in good working order, you will also lose the ability to have optimal performance from your vehicle. This translates into lower fuel efficiency.

Mel’s Auto Repair takes a holistic view of servicing your suspension needs. Our expert technicians have several decades’ worth of experience and apply their expertise to performing a fully-comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle’s suspension, shocks and struts. Once such diagnostic evaluation is performed our expert service technicians will discuss their findings and advise you fully of the services that must be provided in order to return your vehicle to the best possible condition and optimal performance.

Mel’s Auto Repair provides free estimates and routinely handles suspension, shock and strut servicing on all foreign and domestic cars and light trucks. We invite you to come to Mel’s Auto Repair for a free, complimentary estimate. Please feel free to call us today to schedule a free estimate at (732) 723-0095 and to discuss your service needs.

Struts and shock absorbers give the vehicle a smooth ride they also help keep the vehicle in a stabilized condition. Worn shocks and struts can result in premature tire wear.

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