As a preliminary matter, it is important to understand what a starter is in the first place. A starter, or as technically referred to as a starting motor, is utilized in virtually all gasoline engines as well as passenger vehicle and light truck diesel engines. In most passenger vehicle and light truck engines, a starter is a mechanical device that is designed to rotate an engine.  This rotation action has the effect of initiating a chain of events that results in the engine generating enough power that it can operate on its own and independent of any external source.

Beyond the starter motor itself, a component known as a solenoid is also integral in the operation of your starter and in your engine’s ability to operate via its own generated power. In all likelihood, your engine is equipped with a series parallel wound or a permanent-magnet direct current electrical motor which is mounted by a starter solenoid.

So how do these components work together? By way of a switch operated by a key, your solenoid activates a certain level which then moves a drive pinion outward on the starter driveshaft.  This has the effect of meshing the starter pinion with a starter ring gear which is attached to your engine’s flywheel.

The solenoid also functions to reverse the starter engine function. Once your engine has started and is generating its own power, the aforementioned key operated switch is opened. After opening, the solenoid spring apparatus pulls the pinion gear back away from the ring gear.  This causes the starter motor to cease its operation.  Once you stop your engine and restart it, the process and cycle repeats itself.

The starter motor and solenoid are refined, delicate parts of your engine’s functionality. It is therefore important to have these parts routinely evaluated for strength, stability and precision. You should therefore have a trusted service garage provide a diagnostic review of your engine’s starter motor and solenoid, including its related moving parts.

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