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Stripped Head Bolts – Toyota 2.4l 2AZ-FE 2005 RAV 4 re-thread using NS300L .

Customer towed in a 2005 Toyota RAV4 with a 2.4 liter 2AZ-FE motor. We inspected and found coolant mixed with engine oil. We then removed the spark plugs and cranked the engine. Cylinder number three and two were pushing coolant out of the spark plug holes. The cylinder head gasket or cylinder head must be bad so we informed the customer and then removed the cylinder head. We then inspected the cylinder block and the cylinder head bolt threads in the block.Two of the cylinder head bolt threads were bad. We drilled tapped and installed heli coil inserts in all ten bolt holes .

The Toyota 2AZ-FE engine block is made out of aluminum and the threads are the weak point in this engine. The block holes need to be drilled and tapped in order to place helicoil inserts.The process of drilling tapping inserting inserts and clean up took four hours. The tool that is needed to do the job right is NS300L from http://www.huhnsolutions.com/.

RAV4 Cylinder head
2AZFE Cylinder head

RAV 4 Cylinder block
Toyota 2AZFE Cylinder block

NS300L Head Reapair Kit

NS300L Head Bolt Reapair Kit
NS300L Block thread repair kit

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