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Transmission Service

More than 80% of all cars in the United States have automatic transmission. In fact, over 91% of all cars sold within the country during the year 2009 had automatic transmission instead of manual transmission. The preference and popularity for automatic transmission comes along with great reasons that represent the differentiating but beneficial factors between automatic and manual vehicles. Given the rise and unstoppable figures of increasing numbers of automatic vehicles across the country, it is very important to keep in mind what maintenance processes must be done periodically whenever something goes wrong within the automatic transmission of a vehicle at any given time. Apart from this consideration, car owners must face repairs whenever something occurs within the automatic transmission as well. Here at Advance Auto Repair we guarantee high-quality automatic transmission services with over 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers to solve all these transmission problems. Call 407-203-8838 for a free inspection and estimate .

The most common problem within automatic transmission is delayed engagement. This problem occurs when there is a failure from the gears selection to the moment where the transmission engages itself. Drivers feel these transmission failures when there is a long delayed time period, usually more than three seconds, between changing from one gear to another. The engagement between gears in automatic transmission is done almost immediately after the gear is selected or changed, experts often say that this lasts less than one second. When drivers feel that the engagement between gears lasts more than three seconds, then there is an existent transmission failure that must be fixed with professional service.

One common cause of delayed engagement is the overheating or over cooling of vehicles dependent upon weather conditions. Transmission gears do not function properly when there are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as extremely sunny days or extremely cold days. Drivers can often solve this problem by cooling or heating the vehicle prior to driving long distances that require the changing of transmission gears. However, this is only one cause for this particular type of transmission failure. Other major causes for failures include low levels of transmission fluid and lack of maintenance.

All drivers are encouraged to check the levels of transmission fluid and do a transmission fluid change according to their vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. Routine checks and fluid changes will avoid possible transmission failures in the long run. Here at Advance Auto Repair we specialize in delivering the best routinely checks to maintain proper transmission fluid levels with all vehicles. Our level of expertise and professionalism allow us to undergo a high-quality and carefully detailed transmission fluid change so that any potential problems are avoided within a proactive fashion. It is crucial to also keep in mind that different vehicles call for different transmission fluid changes which vary from manufacturer from manufacturer. Our professional team at Advance Auto Repair takes into consideration all these important details. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Another important part of automatic transmission maintenance are the checks and changes of filters. An automatic transmission filter encompasses the protection layer that filters out all dirt, impurities and burned fluid from the transmission gears, thereby protecting them against any damage. The filter accumulates all these impurities and prevents buildup within the gears overtime. However, after a prolonged period of time, the filter has the possibility of becoming saturated with these impurities and this is where transmission problems start occurring.

Whenever fluid change or minimal fluid levels are not the causes of transmission trouble, then it is very likely that the problem lies within the saturated transmission filter. Car owners are highly recommended to change their transmission filter every 30,000 miles, which is the equivalent to almost every three years. Some vehicles require a filter change before than this recommended time period and hence it is important to also check the filter’s condition every now and then to make sure that it is not causing any trouble whatsoever within the transmission gears of the vehicle itself. Please check your manufacturers recommendation.

We at Advance Auto Repair specialize in the best level of professional auto repair and maintenance for all automatic transmission problems. We take into careful detail all diagnosis regarding the different types of potential problems, failures and maintenance issues. Our prices for transmission services are highly competitive and affordable, ensuring an excellent degree of feasibility, affordability and high-quality services for a great price that is incomparable with other competitors in the Orlando area.

Feel free to contact us 407-203-8838 for any kind of transmission problem that your vehicle may have. We guarantee you excellent professional service with an excellent degree of experience comprising over 15 years in the industry. Our prices, excellent services and potential solutions for your vehicle’s problems will create a long term satisfaction where we will be delighted to have you as another happy customer.

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