Why Your Vehicle Needs Regular Air Condition Service

Your automobile’s air conditioning system is very important. It adds to the comfort of the driving experience. No matter what the temperature is outside, if your air conditioning system is functioning properly you can keep yourself comfortable inside your vehicle. However, in order to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system working properly it must be checked and serviced periodicaly. Once or twice a year the air condition system in your automobile a leak test should be performed and the technician should recharge the AC system if required, check the condensor and the expansion valve, if a compressor is defective it should be replaced along with a drier and the the entire system flushed and recharged with freon.

The best time to have a maintenance test done and make sure the AC compressor, condensor, expansion valve, and all other parts of your air condition system are working efficiently is in the Spring and the Fall. This ensures when you need your vehicle to be cool to counteract the summer heat , the system will be in optimum condition. Some people attempt to save money by trying to service their air conditioning systems themselves, but this is a hit or miss proposition without the proper training and the right equipment.

A leak test calls for a dye infusion after evacuating and partial charging and testing with a ultraviolet light and a electronic leak detector to make sure no Freon is leaking . Amateurs attempting to do this will not have the required tools to pin point a leak. An experienced, skilled, air condition service technician can evacuate the entire system, safely perform a leak test, and recharge the air conditioning system in your automobile. The process is fast, safe, and easy with the right tools and proper training. Plus you have the peace of mind of knowing the job was done right.

Don’t wait until your vehicle’s air conditioning system falls apart and leaves you and your passengers sweltering in the summer heat. Be proactive. Having your air conditioning system serviced at regular intervals helps it to work more efficiently and the last longer without the need for major repairs. Many people never pay attention to their air conditioning system until there is a problem. If your automobile’s air conditioning has been neglected, you can end up having to replace or repair your AC compressor or making some other expensive repair.

Make sure the air conditioning system in your automobile remains in excellent condition. Have it checked by an experienced Ac service professional. Advance auto repairs in Orlando Florida has the knowledge and tools to perform a thorugh inspection and perform the required repairs. Call Mel 4072038838 for a free estimate.

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